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Five Basic Stages to Grieving

  1. Denial and Isolation - the first reaction to death or loss of someone you've cherished is to deny the reality of a situation with overwhelming emotions. It's a defense mechanism to buffer immediate shock. This helps us through the first wave of pain.
  2. Anger - the effects of denial and isolation wear thin, the pain of loss re-emerges and can be expressed as anger. This anger can be directed or expressed at inanimate objects, strangers, family, friends or even toward the loss itself. 

  3. Bargaining - the most common reaction to feelings of helplessness and vulnerability are to regain control. 

    a) If only I had sought
    b) If only I got
    c) If only I had tried

  4. Depression - there are usually two types of depression associated with mourning:

    a) Reactions to implications relating to the loss, regret and sadness dominate this type of depression
    b) The second type of depression can be more private, preparation to separate and say goodbye to the part we've lost.

  5. Acceptance - Reaching this stage of mourning is not always afforded by everyone. Death or loss may be sudden. This means that some people may never get past the denial, the anger or the guilt.

 Hypnosis can be one of the most powerful interventions when dealing with subjective emotional attachments.

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