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There is a System

The popularity of hypnosis continues to grow daily in North America. More professionals use it than ever before and it's beneficial effects are well known. Hypnosis is a strong, single-idea focus: therefore, anyone capable of holding a focus can be hypnotized. 

People automatically go in and out of hypnosis many times a day. It occurs naturally wherever people are mentally or emotionally caught up in what they are doing or experiencing. From watching a show or reading a book, to times of anxiety or excitement, humans could not complete anything that requires concentration without hypnosis. 

Occasionally, people require assistant because their focus is too scattered for them to effectively conceptualize or complete their goals. Hypnosis can be employed in teaching how to hold and direct their focus. Most people seeking help from a hypnotherapist have the opposite difficulty: they are already locked into hypnosis by mistaken belief held in place by a strong emotion, and can't get it off their mind.

The hypnotherapist de-hypnotizes them by breaking them free of their mind lock. This restores the freedom of choice and affords them the opportunity to make and actualize a new decision.  

Facts About Hypnosis

  • A hypnotized person is not asleep or unconscious
  • A hypnotized person is able to remember a session
  • A hypnotist does not control a client's mind
  • Hypnosis does not involve a loss of control

Benefits of Hypnosis

In hypnosis, consciousness can be expanded greatly. This naturally increases your ability to think, feel, act and plan effectively.

Hypnosis teaches a healthy, versatile mood of thought, which can encompass logic, intuition, empathy, social consciousness, objectivity and many other states of mind. 

Hypnosis teaches you to think and feel using your own abilities for resolution. 

Hypnosis is a form of therapy in which today's adolescents can make personal transformations without feeling picked on. 

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