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Five Stages Associated with Abandonment

  1. Shattering

    The devastation of the first stage, a person can experience shock, pain and panic. People try to keep the shards of themselves together. Faith and trust have been shattered.

  2. Withdrawal

    The withdrawal stage is like being in withdrawal from an addiction. It is when you crave the other person after the initial shock of separation has worn off. Mediated by the brain's own opioid system, what you can feel is similar to what addicts feel when they cant get a fix.

    The emotional tear triggers a psycho-biological process that can include:

    a) trouble sleeping, anxiety
    b) washed out, miserable, and depressed

  3. Internalizing

    During the third stage of abandonment, your emotional wound can become susceptible to permanent scarring in the form of damage to your self-esteem. This is when you supress your anger toward your loss and beat up on yourself instead.

  4. Rage

    Rage is not the first time you encounter anger in this process but during the first three stages, your anger is victim rage. It is not until the fourth stage that your sense of self under siege from self-attack is ready to stand up and fight back, to take on the outside world again.

  5. Rising

    At this stage you can begin to rise above the turbulence of the emotional attachments to abandonment. You can see where you've been and where you would like to go, finding a way out of all the self-defeating patterns.

Hypnosis can be one of the most powerful interventions when dealing with subjective emotional attachments

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